The Webster Technique During Pregnancy

Dr. Alison Leitch is trained in and has extensive experience in the Webster Technique, which is internationally recognised for the treatment of women throughout their pregnancy.

Patients are made comfortable with the use of a special chiropractic table that opens in the middle and special pregnancy pillows which allow the expecting mom to lay face down in order to be assessed or treated.

We also have special pillows for those with breast tenderness. Most women love the option of laying face down as it has been months since they have been able to lay in that position.

One question that we are commonly asked "I have heard that Chiropractic Adjustments during pregnancy can help with labour…how does this work?"

Labour can be like running a marathon. You would not run a marathon without making sure that your body is in good condition and all your muscles, nerves, joints and ligaments are functioning properly.

Having a Chiropractic check-up during your pregnancy is important to determine that the joints, muscles, ligaments are moving properly to prepare for labour and delivery. The better these areas are functioning the easier it will be to push the baby out when the time comes and the less interventions are needed.

Less interventions often mean faster recovery times for Mum.

Reduced Labour Times, Less Medication During Labour

Research shows that first time mothers who receive Chiropractic care during their pregnancy have a reduced labour time of 24% compared to women who did not receive Chiropractic care. Other studies show that women who receive chiropractic care during pregnancy are able to deliver their babies with less pain and have shorter recovery periods after birth. (1)

Are you going to “crack” my back?

Patients who have been to a Chiropractor before often ask if we are going to "crack" their back. While the goal of treatment may be to adjust the pelvis so that it remains in the optimal position for labour and delivery, this does not necessarily involve "cracking".

There are very specific treatment techniques that are used during pregnancy that take into consideration the changes that go on in the pregnant body and keep the expectant Mum comfortable. These techniques are very gentle yet effective.

I have heard that the Webster technique can turn breech babies

Those of us who are trained in the Webster technique do not refer to it as a "baby turning technique." It is a specific technique that is used for the assessment and treatment of sacral/pelvic dysfunction.

Dysfunction in these areas can sometimes prevent the baby from getting into the optimal head down position for birth.

Improving the functioning of the sacrum, pelvis and surrounding ligaments and muscles can help the baby to get into optimal position and make labour more comfortable.

What to look for in a Prenatal Chiropractor

Make sure that your Chiropractor is trained and certified in the Webster technique so that you know that your provider has been specifically trained in the treatment and assessment of pregnant women.


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Dr. Alison Leitch
Family Chiropractor/Dry Needling/Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist/Webster Technique Certified
Dr. Alison Leitch practices at Noosa Holistic Health in Noosaville on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. She is a licensed Chiropractor and Medical Acupuncturist (Dry Needling). She is also a proud Mom of three.”